The following forms are required to be returned to us prior to May 1st.  Campers whose forms are not received will not be eligible to begin camp until all forms are received.  Please send all forms together and not one at a time. Please be sure the camper's name and session number are on the top of all forms.


Forms must be uploaded directly to your account or can be e-mailed to us at .





  • Copy of Insurance card - please photo copy front and back of your insurance card





  • Rock Climbing Release Form  this is an optional activity and is NOT required if the camper does not wish to rock climb during camp.  There is a $20 per camper fee to climb.


  • Weekend Stay Form - this form is to be completed for campers attending two sessions in a row who wish to remain in the dorms for the entire weekend (from 11am on Friday through 1pm on Sunday).  For 2018 weekend stays are only allowed between sessions 1 and 2 and between sessions 2 and 3 and between sessions 3 and 4.


  • Flight Information Form - this form is for campers flying into the College Station, Texas airport who require transportation to/from the College Station airport


  • Pick-Up or Visitor Release Form - this form is for campers who will be visited by someone other than a parent during camp or who will be picked up at the end of camp by someone other than a parent