Can I visit my camper during the day?

    Parents are allowed to visit campers during camp in the main lobby of the dorm and only during a camper's free time.  Parents are not allowed to go to a camper's room or to eat meals with campers.  Parents are welcome to come to the TAMU Rec Center to watch any water practices.
    Campers are encouraged to bring cell phones, IPads or computers to be able to keep in touch and communicate with family druing camp.

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    Can I watch my swimmer during practice/workout times?

    Yes, parents and family are able to attend and view any in-water session at the TAMU Rec Center in the spectator stands.

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    Can I call and talk to my camper?

    You may call your camper at any time during camp on his/her cell phone. We recommend that parents speak with their campers as needed but not excessively.

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    Can I contact the counselor in charge of my camper?

    Counselors are not permitted to give out their cell phone numbers.  If you need to reach a counselor for any reason during your camper's stay please contact our Camp Director on the cell phone number given to parents during check-in.

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    Can I send my camper something in the mail?

    Of course!! Campers can receive mail during the week they are at camp. Please mail your letter/package early so it is received before the end of camp. Mail will be delivered to the campers after our evening practice session. The address is: 

    The Cambridge
    501 University Oaks Boulevard
    College Station, TX 77840

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    Should my swimmer have competitive experience to attend?

    Our camp provides a fun, but challenging atmosphere. Competitive experience is not required, however, we highly recommend that every camper coming into the swim camp has some form of competitive experience prior to attending.  The instruction offered by the camp is not geared toward beginning swimmers, nor is it learn to swim. Campers get the most from the camp if they have been involved in a competitive swimming program of some kind - summer league, high school, YMCA, USA Swimming, etc. If you have any questions about whether you believe the program is right for your swimmer, please e-mail us at [email protected].

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    Is there a waiting list for sessions that are full?

    When a session sells out, an online waiting list option will automatically be created.  You may waitlist for the session(s) of your choice.  There is no charge for registering on the wait lists.  If you have a second session option, it may be a good idea to register for that session as well as the wait list.  Should space open up in your waitlisted session, you can be moved from the other.

    If space becomes available, you will be contacted by E-MAIL to accept or decline the opening.  Please be sure to provide an e-mail address that is checked frequently.

    There is no guarantee that space will become available, or when it will happen. Cancellations can happen months in advance or the day before a session begins. Every summer is different in how many people gain a spot in camp off the lists.

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    What are the refund procedures?


    The $150 deposit is non-refundable for any reason at any time. 

    Cancellations prior to May 1, 2024 will receive a full refund of the camp fee less the $150 deposit. 

    There are no refunds or credits of any portion of the camp fee after May 1 for reasons other than documented medical conditions. 

    Cancellations for documented medical conditions where documentation is received within 7 days of cancellation will receive a refund less $350.  In the case of cancellation for medical purposes, there are no refunds within 24 hours of the start of the camp session.

    There are no refunds for a "no show" or if a camper leaves early due to homesickness.  There are no refunds once a session has started.

    Campers who switch from resident camp to day camp after their session has started do not receive a refund or credit for the difference.

    Campers who cancel their space due to a medical reason have 7 days from the date of cancellation to submit a physician's note to the camp as proof. There will be NO REFUNDS after 7 days.  These may be e-mailed to [email protected] .

    Note: NCAA rules require university camps to adhere to the stated refund policy. Exceptions  aren't allowed and would trigger a compliance violation on both the school and the camper. 


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    How are refunds processed?

    Depending on the method of payment, refunds are processed in one of two ways:
    1) Fees paid by check or money order are issued a refund check from the university’s Accounting department. This process can take up to six weeks from the time the refund request is submitted.

    2) Fees paid by credit card are issued as a credit back to the original card used for payment within 5-7 business days.

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    What should I do if I find out I cannot attend my camp session?

    As a courtesy, please notify the camp immediately if you are unable to attend.  We do keep waiting lists, and this can allow someone else to attend camp.  Sorry, the camp cannot issue credit toward the next year's camp

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    If I cannot attend camp, can I try to fill my spot with a friend or teammate?

    No. The space belongs to the Camp and cannot be switched out with another person.  We do maintain wait lists for those trying to attend, and this is camp procedure.  It's also the fairest method, as switching with someone is similar to cutting in line.

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    Should I update my swimmer's times as we get closer to the start of camp?

    If your camper's times (or any other training information) has changed since registration you can update your camper's information directly in your online account.  Keep in mind that for technique sessions there are no conditioning practices so campers will not be divided into practice groups based on times.

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    Can campers with pre-existing injuries still attend camp?

    Yes, however, camp is a physically demanding and challenging week, and campers should be in good physical condition prior to arrival. Please notify the Camp Director prior to check-in if the camper's injury has happened after the medical forms have been submitted. It is very important that we know any and all medical conditions a camper may have, or special situations that parents feel we should know about. Coaches can substitute exercises or training sets to an extent to fit the situation as long as we are informed in advance, but in some cases, it is better to focus on recovery, and stay home.  These situations are handled on a case by case basis and all information is confidential. Please help us to help your camper.

    We will have a licensed athletic trainer available for campers at all pool sessions as well as in the dorms.

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    My camper takes medication. How will that be handled?

    Our camp athletic trainer can help with dispensing prescription and over the counter medications.  Any medication the camp will dispense must be given to the camp athletic trainer during check-in with medication, dosage directions, dosage amounts and times, and parent contact information. The athletic trainer will arrange times to help administer to the camper. If the camper is age appropriate and responsible enough to self-administer, they may keep medications with them. Inhalers should be brought out on deck during all training sessions.

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    What should my camper bring to camp?


    Casual clothes, including t-shirts, shorts/pants, sweatshirt or jacket, socks

    Athletic tennis shoes for walking

    An alarm clock

    Bed linens to fit an XL twin bed

    Blanket or sleeping bag


    Personal toiletries

    Water bottle

    Sun screen

    ​Cell phones and computers are allowed, as are TV's for dorm rooms.  All dorm rooms have both refrigerators (either full size or dorm size, depending on the room) and microwaves and campers are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks for their room.

    Wi-Fi IS available throughout the dorm.  Basic cable hook-ups are also available in all dorm rooms, however, to access cable TV campers must bring their own cable wire and TV.

    Items NOT allowed:  matches, lighters, knives, firearms, straight razors, rope, illegal drugs, fireworks, incense, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products (including e-cigarettes and vaporizers), etc.  If there is an item in question, please contact the Camp Director. It is better to ask than to be sent home for having a prohibited item. 



    Suits (recommend 2-3)




    Plenty of towels (recommend at least 3)


    Other training equipment (kickboard, pull buoy, snorkel, etc.) should be left at home.

    NOTE: Aggie Swim Camp is not responsible for any items lost or stolen during your camper's stay. All campers are responsible for their own personal items and belongings. 



    Campers will meet our camp Athletic Trainer during check-in. Our Athletic Trainer lives in the dorms and is available to assist campers 24 hours/day with any medical needs.  The Athletic Trainer can also store medicine and give it to campers at specified times if necessary. If your camper has any specific medical needs or is taking any prescription medicine and you would like the Athletic Trainer to be responsible for dispensing the medication during camp please be sure to talk with the Athletic Trainer during the check-in process.  


    Important: Unless our Athletic Trainer is notified during the check-in process Aggie Swim Camp will not give out aspirin, Tylenol, or any other medication without first talking to a parent or someone designated by the parent to make decisions.

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